Creating sleep spaces: MUST HAVES for your nursery

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What do you actually NEED for your nursery?

Now I know you have some strong feelings about what you would WANT in your nursery, but what are the essentials really?

As the Sleep Expert and a momma I have a strong bias towards creating a space that promotes sleep for the whole family. You will want to sleep better...safer...and longer. So here is the hit list for creating a nursery that does just that.

baby sleep copy

What you really need in your nursery is a feeding/sleeping/rocking chair.

Breastfed babes feed every 2-3 hours for 20 - 45 minutes at a time. And bottle fed babies need to be fed upright every 3-4 hours. This means that in those first few weeks, you could be spending 6-8 hours in this spot or more! It's an important place and you want to be comfortable while you are connecting, nourishing and bonding with your baby.

I suggest the following solutions.

A comfy armchair plus foot rest...

grey feeding chair copy

Or a good, old fashioned rocking chair...

rocking feeding chair copy

Or the ultimate leather lounger...

ugly but feeding chair copy

The uglier, leather kind just works better. They are softer. You can clean any liquid explosions with a wipe and there will be no orange or green stains in sight. Also, it has a clever lever that allows mom to recline once baby is asleep.

Most babies sleep better upright on their moms' chests. They just do. So, if you want to avoid becoming a jack-in-the-box that is jumping in and out of bed to settle your baby on a bad night, then a chair, like these ones, is a MUST for your nursery.

Another option is going horizontal... if your baby is down with that. Get it?

There are co-sleeping cribs (where baby joins you in your room) crib against bed copyor there is the option of putting a bed in the nursery which allows at least one parent to get a good night sleep back in their bedroom. The idea of a a mattress on the floor is quite a clever one as you won't worry about baby rolling off onto the floor and, later, the floor bed could work well for when baby transitions from the cot to a big bed.floor bed copy

I love this suspended basinette idea too. Although, I am not sure if I could co-ordinate it in the middle of the night bleary-eyed.

hanging cradle and bed copy

So forget spending all your $$$ on the compactum, the crib and the cutest clothes. Buy yourself some sleep instead!

For other sleep survival tips for newborns visit here.


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