Cuba – Must See Locations Around The World!

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The Location: The Caribbean island of Cuba.

The Why: It's no wonder that one of the most wanted destinations in the world right now is the previously US-sanctioned Caribbean island.


What's all the fuss? Well imagine a place where Western influence was illegal til 1997... thanks to its Communist dictator....a place that has only been open to Americans for one year! The people's dress, food, vehicles and music is distinctively and purely Cuban. No MacDonald's, no huge SUVs pumping sugary pop, and no ugly hotels blocking the best views.

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The dilemma is that no one knows exactly how long it will be before the delightful Cuban culture transforms to suit the needs of its most likely customers - American tourists.


Where to stay: The hotels remain largely nationalised, but there are many Cubans with entrepreneurial spirit who have opened up their homes given the surge in demand for a place to stay. Remember, it never hurts to ask for a room with a Sealy!

The thing to do in Cuba: In Cuba you can choose your backdrop- rolling white beaches, blue tropical waters, or colourful 16th century architecture? Now add your activity- scuba diving, Salsa dancing, lounging in the sun enjoying a fat cigar or a Havana Rum cocktail or taking a drive round the town in a colourful vintage car? Why choose? On this island it is not difficult to do it all.

If you find yourself sailing around the Caribbean then why not hop aboard this beautiful island and enjoy this cultural treasure while one still can. 

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For more information check out the official Cuba Tourism page.

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