Current Favourites: May

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May has been really good. The temperatures have dropped significantly and the term is drawing to a close, which means I have been quite busy with assignments and revisions.  When I have some downtime I've been perusing lookbooks, tumblr, popped into a few thrift stores and even went window shopping at  Woolies. These are a few of my favourite things this month.

One of the best things about cold weather in my opinion is that you get to laze about and you have an alibi and an excuse. With the temperatures so low, chances of me making my way to the gym (or going running) and the desire to do so have decreased significantly. All my physical activity (aside from walking to and from class) has moved into the cottage.

Okay I'll be honest, I spend most of the workout time looking at how-to videos on Youtube. When I do have all the expertise Youtube can offer, I"ll start putting them to good use.

Aside from planning my assault on fat, exams an the cold I have really started enjoying spending time in my Sealy bed, often with a cup of something or warm or a book. With Our usually wet winter down here, it is really nice and relaxing to sit on your comfy bed and watch rain hit the windows.


Though unlike my little cousin I'll never be caught wearing mine in public, I have a new comfy -- I promise I fall asleep on my feet -- pair of ugg-like boots. It was one of those things that mothers do. As you can tell I am not really fond of people who wear these shoes in public, nor was I in love with them but my mother bought me a pair anyway for Mother's Day, yes she's a sweetheart.

Now I walk around the house in them. Fall asleep in them...

My love for chunky knits just keeps growing and considering that I am one of those people that only get cold in the upper body for some reason my knits are often paired with thin layers.

I love this jersey  Solange Knowles is wearing! It looks like it feels like a million bucks. I'll have to go digging in my sister's wardrobe for some forgotten knit treasure.

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Stay warm.

Cheers to the weekend!



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