Daily rituals that make life better

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Google defines a ritual as a “series of actions or type of behavior regularly and invariably followed by someone.” Forming a new habit is tough, but once a healthy habit becomes an enjoyable ritual, living your best life is easy.

Here are the Sealy Sleep Expert’s Top 10 rituals that you may want to embrace.

  1. Turn off your mobile phone at 9pm every night. Make it a ‘turning off ceremony’ if you need to. Have a place that your phone lives. Check that your urgent and important matters are attended to, wipe the screen and turn it off. Whilst it is plugged in and recharging, you should be too. Your brain needs an hour or two each night away from light-emitting screens and communication pressures so it can shut down and ensure you can recharge too.
  2. Eat a really good breakfast, everyday. Eat a breakfast that excites you. That makes you want to wake up. Start as you wish to continue. Put in the right fuel and your mood and productivity will benefit.
  3. Count your blessings. Take a little time before you sleep to actively remember the good things that have happened. Keeping a gratitude journal helps your brain get wired positively and can help keep depression and anxiety at bay. Unexpected windfalls, loyal friendships, green traffic lights, public holidays, sunny days, a stranger that offers you a place in an elevator…. These can all be remembered or forgotten. Try recall five things each day.
  4. Stop and breathe. Oxygen is life-giving, but most of us fail to make use of it. Five deep breaths is all you to increase your blood oxygen saturation, slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. And it only takes 20 seconds. Decide where you will have your breathing ritual and whenever you pass this place, breathe.
  5. Wear a great scent. Feeling good and smelling good are a great confidence boost. Why not fill your nostrils and those around you with joy?
  6. Wear some great underwear. Only put on underwear that you are willing to be seen dead or alive This may mean purging those holey underpants and over-stretched brassieres. You will be grateful given any pant tears or gusty Marilyn-Munroe-loving winds.
  7. Get some cuddle time to boost your immune system. A good cuddle boosts the number of fighter cells in your body. Cuddling makes everything better and ensures you live longer. Live alone? Stroking a dog or sitting with a purring cat counts too.
  8. Stretch at your desk. Hang your head between your knees. Lift your shoulders up to your ears and let them drop. Point your toes. Stretch your hands up to the ceiling and then let your arms fall to your sides. Do this stretching ritual everyday at 3pm to give your body a boost.
  9. Drink your water. When you wake up; when you go to sleep; when you eat your lunch; when you are on your way to work; when you are on your way home from work… find your water break time and enjoy it each day.
  10. Phone one person you love everyday. There is nothing like actually speaking to someone you love. Instead of remaining silent or sending a text why not actually give those family members and great friends a call. It will make your day. It could make their day too. Nothing is more important than relationships.

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