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stop sleeping around



Good sleep is a combination of a number of things: an environment that's conducive to sleep, a great bed and well-planned bedtime. Factors like intrinsic & external noise, sleeping disorders and spending not enough time sleeping are some of the things that deter a good night's sleep. Another hindrance to sleep that Best Sleep Council recently added to their list of "things sleep lovers shouldn't" do is Sleeping around. Sleeping around is defined as falling asleep in any location that isn't your bed. Have you been a perpetrator of this bad practice? Today we have four reasons why it's better for you to stop sleeping around.

What does sleeping strictly in your bed get you?

1.  Helps you get in to routine
One of the key factors and indicator of great sleep is getting into a nightly ritual that serves to help you relax. The bedtime routine, whatever it is, should always lead to your bed. Performing your nightly routine and then going on to veg on the couch and subsequently falling asleep there is a waste of a good routine. Making a conscious choice to fall asleep in bed enhances your bedtime routine.

2. Helps you avoid aches and pains

This is probably the most obvious and widely known benefit of not sleeping around: you get to avoid pains the morning after. The only time people wake up feeling tired and achy after a night on their bed is if the mattress is past its use period of  five years, seven at the most. Falling asleep in odd places like your desk at the office, in your seat at the cinema or -- most popular of all -- your couch leaves body aching. When you stop sleeping around, you avoid the unnecessary aches and pains (lower back, neck and sides) that come with cheating on your bed.

3. Helps you save some for later
Resisting the urge to drop wherever you are and fall asleep allows you to save up on  sleep for later use. Studies show that people who fall asleep wherever they are during their day do so because they aren't sleeping well at night and they're not sleeping well at night because they spent most of their day asleep in inappropriate places. Stoping sleeping around puts an end to this vicious cycle.

4. Helps keep your bedroom as a sacred Space
Your bedroom is supposed to be for sleep and sex only. When you sleep anywhere and everywhere the sleep process is no longer strictly associated with your bed. Making a decision to restrict sleep (and naps) to your bed and bedroom helps condition your mind and body and contributes toward building your nightly routine.

All in all, when you stop sleeping around you improve your sleep health.

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