Differently Gifted

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I was always studious and booky. Not to say that I was exceptionally intelligent or gifted but rather I put in the work, studied hard and worked for extra credit. This became my mode of operation more so after I had a set back in my academic aspirations; I needed to know what I needed to earn each term  in order to get distinction. I molded myself to seek structure and rules. I think I would have joined a sorority in university if they were as big here to instill more hierarchy and into my uni life.

As you might have guessed, I was barely out f the education system when I got my first job at a big organisation with "good corporate culture." We wore semi-casuals of Friday and on Casual Day and ran a marathon toward the end of the year. We had superviors and heads of departments. This describes the next job I took two years later and the one I'm currently working, which I  just happen to also adore.

I had to accept very earl on that not everyone was wired like I am with the same need for structure and the conventional. My father was an urban hippie trapped in corporate law (then moved to corporate CSI in his final years.) My brothers run an architecture company with great investment in "future architecture"and you may remember me talking about my visual artist best friend.  Now I am in loving with a man who annoys me each morning by not getting out of bed at the same time as me because all he needs is a computer and wifi connection to work.

I love them all with because they are so different from me and because they see the world through a fearless lens. They always comfort me when I have anxiety and give me courage. Whenever I start to over-think things they're always there to get me to lighten up but they never trivialise my  concerns because they know that I'm always there when they need a calculating head.

I think the world is better for having people like me and people like my loved ones in it at the same time. So let's celebrate each other.

Which personality are you?

PS: I came across this photo and it reminded me of my niece who seems to be a perfect balance of both these personalities I talked about on this post... found here

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