DIY Beauty III

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Ola, lovies! Today I bring you the final step of our five-step frugal DIY beauty routine to get your skin ready for summer. We've already covered cleansing, exfoliation, steaming and masking, if you missed those first four steps feel free to click on through and catch up. The last and final step in the routine is moisturising.

When autumn reared its head months ago, I touched on the importance of moisturising. If summer means surf, sun and sand to you then it should also mean SPF 15+, water and moisturiser.

Dehydration is a very probable reality,not only for your internal organs but your your body's biggest organ as well, your skin. So as much as you increase your water intake in the season, which goes a long way in keeping your skin soft and supple, a switch to a SPF enriched body moisturiser is key.

One beauty blog sites these reasons as the importance of this step of any beauty routine "the sun’s UV rays and pollution tend to speed up the ageing process, mostly by causing damage to the collagen structure that supports the skin, making it dull and more prone to damage if not properly moisturised. "

Moisturisers are dual, you're able to tailor them to your needs, if you already have a a face moisturiser that works well with your skin, stick to it. If you're on he market for a new one here's a bit of guide:

1. Dry skin:

If your skin is dry then vitamin E is your friend. Choose a moisturiser that hydrates deeply; this will help restore your skin to acceptable levels of moisture.

2. Oily skin

Aloe vera, which tightens skin and dries pores is the ingredient you seek most for oily skin. A moisturider that's been designed to hydrate but is oilless does a world of good; it's better than choosing not to moisturise at all. A lack of moisture makes your skin produce more oil to compensate for the dryness.

3. Combination skin

Part-oily and part-dry skin is a struggle. The key to moisturising it is balance and to achieve that you have to make sure that your moisturiser has no oil, this will keep your T-zone happy and a lot less shinny. Try products that  are for sensitive skin.

Thank you for sticking in out with me on this money-saving beauty project. These are skills and tricks every woman needs. Do you have any other tips to add that I may have missed? Please share.

Happy Jetsetting!


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