DIY: Happiness

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Winter has the ability to bring me down. This has been one of those weeks; it's too cold, deadline upon deadline and too many microwave dinners in front of my Mac. I haven't been out with my friends for a drink and a laugh in two weeks; mainly because we're all so busy but particularly because it's so cold out. Deadlines and cabin fever are not a good look on me, but I have my trusted DIY tools that lift my mood.

1. I love ice cream very much. Regardless of the temperature outside it soothes me and warms me up. I never was one for fancy desserts (though I do like a blowtorched dessert in a cup every now and then.) So a bowl after one of my microwave dinners is one way to make me happy.

2. The only thing better than ice cream is ice cream with my little niece, James. The above picture reminds me so much of her "more ice cream" face. Aside from eating ice cream together, talking on the phone with her about daycare , babysitting for her, buying her cute jackets and tights. I love her cute haircut and the way she says my name and makes me laugh.

3. A nice long bubble bath or homemade foot spar are a great way to relax and get me all warmed up for bed. A glass of wine and a book with me in the bath or while I soak my feet = bliss.

4. My mum is good about showing up at my door unannounced with tupperware filled with with yumminess, great stories about what I've been missing in the world during the snowed-in weather and workload.

5. Sundays can be quite dull and anxiety filled about the coming week, which I why I've made mine movie days. Last Sunday my niece and I had ice cream, played games then watched a Barney movie. Not exactly riveting stuff but it worked. This Sunday I'm watching an old Hollywood classic if I don't go out with my big brother and his new girlfriend.

What makes you happy on cold days?What makes you happy always?

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