Do you sleep with the wolves?

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Half of dog owners sleep with their furry loved one.

Here we way up the pros and cons.

The cons?

  • Your bed will smell like your pet... smelly dog, stinky bed.
  • Your bed will really be your dog's bed.
  • Your dog will see you as his equal which means you are now one of his pack rather than his master. This can lead to aggressive behaviour.
  • Your dog will breathe on you and he may have eaten faeces that day... or not.
  • Half of those who sleep with their dog report being woken up regularly contributing towards sleep deprivation.
  • Having pets in the bedroom will cause allergies and asthma to flair up.

reality vs dog copydog side copy

The pros?

  • When you cuddle a pet you lower your heart rate and blood pressure - dogs are like a furry relaxation technique.
  • Loving a dog can ward off depression and lead to a longer life.
  • Pets offer a feeling of security and help alleviate anxiety.
  • You get to stay warm on cold nights thanks to a pet-shaped hot water bottle.
  • Sleeping with a dog makes really cute photographs like this one of Beau & Theo.

Theo puppy copydog that moment copykid dogs copy

Which side of the co-sleeping debate do you find yourself sleeping on?

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