Dreaming of a White Christmas

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Christmas dream copy

Dreams are wonderful and more likely to occur this time of year. Why is this?

1. If you find this a stressful time of the year you will have higher than normal anxiety levels causing vivid dreams. This is most likely due to cortisol and regular wakings. Some psychologists believe that dreams give you a chance to deal with a problem subconsciously before facing it during your waking hours.

2. If you are going to be woken by thunderstorms , crashing waves or happy neighbours you are going to have an interrupted sleep cycle. The more interruptions during the REM phase, the higher the chance that you will remember your dream.

3. Experiencing good things before bed time means good dreams. Bedtime swim? Long bubble bath filled with great smells? Great laughs with your kids? These pleasant experiences are likely to trigger happy dreams if they happen during the lead up to bedtime.

For a bit of fun, here are some common Christmas dream themes and their interpretation according to Dream Moods Dream Dictionary:

The Nativity scene - the birth of Jesus Christ is said to symbolise a new start. It is also reported to show a spiritual enlightenment and inner strength.

Cake - cake can symbolise selfishness or not getting a fair share. More positively, cakes can also represent recognition of achievement.

Candles - a burning candle symbolises hope and good luck.

Santa Claus - you inspire to be more giving, forgiving and accepting or reflecting on the good and bad things you have done

New Year - dreaming of the New Year symbolises hope for the future and prosperity.

Candy - Candy represents joy and special treats

Gift - dreaming you are giving a gift symbolises generosity towards other. Dreaming of receiving a gift symbolises recognition of your generosity.

Gift wrap - This is suggestive of something you are trying to hide.

What are you dreaming of this Christmas? Snow in Summer? A better 2014? Your Christmas presents or your holiday destination? Let us know what you wish for.

For more interesting information about dreams see When bad dreams happen to good kids and How to have sweet dreams.


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