Dressing up to Boost Your Mood and Confidence

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As the years have gone on I've realised that I'm not as into fashion as I once was. Granted I still love beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories and still go weak at the knees for the right kind of bag.

There are many ways in which I dress up to make myself feel more confident and to boost my mood -- and more more often the not I feel extra beautiful when I've taken the time to dress up.Over the years I've found that I have less and less of  these occasions but whenever I do the feeling is always brilliant.

1. Lipstick

I've never been a woman who was confident with make up or felt that I looked beautiful with it on, which i credit to never earning how to do my makeup well. Looking back at photographs of special occasions such as my wedding when I got my makeup professionally done the images boost my confidence and that memory. But in real life When I do seek that extra boost I only use lipstick. There are truly very few feeling of self-doubt that the right shade of lipstick can't fix -- even if it's momentarily.

2. Shoes

This is not Sex And The City syndrome or even about designer shoes. It's about wearing the perfect shoe for the job. I cannot confidently train for a fun run when the shoes I'm wearing are "shoes that can be used" for running and not the best running shoes there is.  But nothing beats a pretty and comfy pair of shoes, they brighten my mood. The prospect of having a reason to buy a new cute pair is all that's making me think of my impending 30-year high school reunion fondly.

3. Reading Glasses

I've had shoddy eyesight all my light and when I was 15 years old nothing brightened my world like that first pair of contact lenses. Fast forward a two decades (that's all I'm saying) and I love my reading glasses! I buy a pretty pair that makes me feel and looks confident. I think if all 15-year olds were allowed to pick beautiful pairs of glasses (or contacts) more people would have fonder memories of high school high school.

Some dressing down mood and confidence boosters:

A good night's sleep

Massage or pamper party

A night in.

What are your confidence boosters?


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