Emerald Fashion

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World 19 by Ruud Van Empel, 2006 via Pinterest

As we all know, the Pantone colour for 2013 is emerald. I may have heard the news through our friends over at The Furnishing Touch but my interest in the colour have be mostly fashion related. Green is one of my (and Oprah's) favourite colours but as much as I love it I've never quite gotten the balance; how to look great in green without looking like I'm in a St Patrick's Day costume or like I'm a leprechaun. But fear not because I think I have some ideas now...

1. Start slowly

Whenever I'm not sure about sure how to work a trend into a look or nervous about trying something new I always take it easy. Add an accessory or barely there blush. As much as I would love to rock emerald earrings while I find my way around my favourite colour, they're out of my budget.

This MR P statement piece, on the other hand, is in my price range.

Or try nice glitter nail polish.

2. Walk on it

The thought of emerald slippers makes me feel like I'm Dorothy with a rebelious streak.

3. Go all the way

Now that I'm a working woman I think that I could benefit from wearing a blazer and full trousers every now and then. We don't have an outlined work-code where I work (my employer asks that we only be presentable) and I appreciate this. I'm an artist, I don't always feel like dressing up.

But if I did have a dress code and wanted to explore the chic leprechaun look I'd want to channel this woman. She is gorgeous and has given me my winter staple: chinos, knit and jacket. I don't see it ever going wrong.

What are your thoughts on the emerald trend? How do you wear it?

Cheers to the weekend!


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