Exercises to do Incorporating Your Bed

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I promise you I'm not turning into a gym bunny (who can't afford to actually go to gym) but it's just that I truly haven't had much of anything better to do. Anyway, what's better than looking after your body? I thought so. These past few days I discovered that when I have to get up for a quick run or do my morning workout (before it  gets too hot) I can't.

I keep procrastinating until it's so hot I can't go as hard as I would have had I been up 25 minutes earlier. So instead of beating myself up for staying in bed I decided to try out a few exercises that can be done while on the bed or braced on it.

Yes, mum if you're reading this I've decided to put my laziness and love for my bed into good use and do something productive with it.

I found that a lot of the exercises that are done on the floor work just as well on beds.So if you're looking to strengthen your core without getting of of bed then this is for you.

Caution: make sure that your bed is steady.

1. Sit ups: Position your body in the sit-up stance and do 10 reps and as many sets as you can.

2. Side plank: with your feet braced on the wall and your (I hope your bed is not an island in the middle of the room) rest one forearm on the bed tighten your core and raise your hips and middle from the bed and hold as long as you can. Try for three sets on each side.

3. Triceps Dips: Sit on the edge of your bed with your your hands braced on the bed shoulder width apart. Straighten your back and tighten your core. Move your booty off of the bed and dip low toward the floor. Repeat.

If you have any more core exercises that can be done on or using a bed then please share. Thank you.

Happy Friday!


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