Failure Represents a Chance to be Better

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Looking back, 2012 was quite a good year form me and those close to me. As with everything, there were ups and downs but we stayed close and reached for our dreams. It wasn't always smiles and sunshine but we loved each other through the frowns and the rain. We picked one another up if one member fell...

I had started to put one of my favourite pastimes into business mode to see if I could monetise it. The general response from my customers (also known as friends) was positive but I didn't reach the goals I had set when I started the business. Admittedly I was extremely disappointed that I couldn't achieve my short-term goals but hubby made me see that the problem is not my management skills or my product. I have a quality product but my shortcoming was that I relieve solely on word-of-mouth, which worked but not as much as I'd hoped.

As I begin this year and continue to build on the work that I did in 2012 I have a chance to build new networks to better market my product and what I have to offer. I've also accepted that it's definitely not going to be as easy as I'd hope but I'm willing to put in the necessary work.

I've always considered myself a "do like I do" kind of parent instead of the do as I say kind. If I had given up on my dream because I failed the first time and because it wasn't easy to attain I wouldn't have been able to encourage my youngest to keep training in order to try out for his desired position in his school's soccer team when school season begins. Nor would it have been believable to encourage my oldest to still hope that his desired University will take him if he improves his marks prior to the preliminary exams.

Each failure is a teachable experience in all our lives and how we react to it determines whether we take the new opportunity to do better that each failure provideds or we fall flat.

Much like our Late Bloomer I too am hoping to be better at sleeping and bonding with my Sealy bed this year.

Believe in yourselves, believe in your loved ones. Make this a year that was worth it, whether you fail or succeed.

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