Falling asleep in his arms

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What these images capture is one of life's greatest joys... falling asleep in each others' arms.  Breathing in unison as you listen to his heart beating beneath you. Lying together, warm and connected, wrapped in each others' scent.

Unfortunately, for most, whilst cuddling is a highly rated pass time (it's one of my favourite things to do!) it hardly ever ends in a good night's sleep. To wake up happily-ever-after in your lover's embrace requires overcoming some obstacles.


It's sad to say but as you lie dreamily, death breath is brewing. It comes in both His & Hers fragrances and by the time the sun rises you will not want to be feeling each others' breath on your face. The problem is exacerbated by unplanned cuddling-to-sleep that sees brushing your teeth fall off your evening schedule. Add some scents from the night before like wine, garlic and cigarette smoke and you may want to skip the lingering morning smooch.


Prince  (or Princess) charming may have a sleep secret that will catch you by surprise. Myoclonic jerks are common as you drift into the first phase of sleep. These sudden explosive jerks signal that your love is on their way to a great snooze but they may mean you are shaken from yours.


A warm embrace is magical but as you enter deep sleep and your body temperature sores you may find that the magic has worn off and you want nothing better than your own space. This may be a good time to roll over and cocoon for the night unless you have fallen prey to...


Bear hugs may make you feel all warm and fuzzy, but the truth is that when that bear falls asleep you could find yourself under some heavy artillery. Struggling for air and blood flow beneath your corpse-like soul mate is not cool. Make the dash before those sexy limbs have you pinned like a butterfly on an insect tray.


Her luscious locks keep tickling your nose, his 5 o clock shadow has started sandpapering your scalp, an oily slick has developed on your crown thanks to all the pillow time... hair needs to be reined in. It may look good in the pics, but out of control hair can kill cuddling.

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