Falling asleep to the sound of rain

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Whether it be a midnight summer shower or a gentle drizzle in the winter, falling asleep to the sound of rain is one of life's greatest pleasures (as long as you are safely under cover or the covers). What is required is that you ban all intruding thoughts such as...

"Did I shut the kitchen window?"

"How am I going to get to the train in this weather?"

"Is the dog getting wet outside?"

"What about the poor people in their shacks"

"Oh dear I hope that homeless guy under the bridge is okay..."

...and get up close the windows, let the dog in and enjoy the warmth of your bed (and the knowledge that you get to snuggle while the rain kisses your window). In the morning, you can tackle poverty and sponsoring homeless shelters. In the meantime, enjoy this opportunity.

If you are not one for waiting for the next rain falls then why not download some rain sounds... here is 8 hours worth!

Does your enjoyment of rainy nights extend into enjoyment of rainy days? Perhaps you are a pluviophile...

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