Falling asleep with the TV on is not as fun as it sounds

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Ooh, to snuggle on the couch and enjoy mind numbing entertainment, my best. You've worked hard. You have dominated the 2-hour commute, the 9-hour work day, cooked supper and cleaned the dishes. You are owed some screen time. A chance to enjoy your favourite show with no interruptions, no questions.

As the images flash across your plasma TV, you feel your eyes getting heavy. The last thing you feel like doing is getting up, taking a shower, brushing your teeth and fetching that glass of water for next to your bed. Yes, you will be thirsty later. A little snooze seems like a great option. So you close your eyes just for a minute.

It's two hours later and you become aware that the bra/belt/shoes you wore that day are cutting off your blood supply and your mouth tastes like sour cheese. You do what you can to gain vital blood flow and quickly fall back asleep.

You wake startled by an obnoxious TV advert only to feel increasingly disorientated. Didn't I go to bed just now? It's very late and making your way to your bed you feel stiff, sore and seriously disappointed that you slept through your show.

In your cold, fresh bed you suddenly can think of nothing else but the ending of this show. You try and quieten all the possible plot twists that are now colliding in your brain with a stern 'go to sleep'. But try as you might, and despite only four hours sleep on the couch, you cannot fall back asleep.

You hear the birds chirping. The heavy trucks and eager gymers on the roads. You know you have definitely missed out on a few hours sleep and that there's no going back.

Alas, your alarm confirms that it is 6.15am. Another day, another dawn, another dollar. You know this will not be your best life day.

Don't do it. Take that shower, read that book, nod off at a reasonable hour - in your bed. And remember, this all started with a simple lie: you were not, and never will be able to just rest your eyes for a little bit.

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