Farewell 2014, Ola 2015!

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What a year it has been for you and the Sealy team! Thank you for doing this journey alongside our team.

Whilst The Sleep Expert has been unraveling the science of sleep, we have been working harder to bring you the Best.Sleep.Ever.

The year 2014 saw us explore sleep and health and give you loads of FREE resources to live better.

  • There was the introduction of Apps for Android phones that actually help us sleep better and wake up less drowsy.
  • We encouraged you to Get Fit to sleep (and ultimately live!) better.


We also discovered some new sleep FACTS from the latest medical research.

  • There was the first long-term international study that showed most of the world is sleep deprived and other interesting cultural differences between 6 countries.

Together we know we can have Healthy Sleep for a Healthy Life. We look forward to learning more together in 2015.




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