Father’s Day in my Home

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Father's Day is my favourite holiday in the world! I get more excited about it that I do about Christmas and New Year's. It's the one day I get to truly celebrate hubby; to thank him for coming along with me in this journey called parenthood. Sometimes I even thank him for having great genes -- my babies are smart, good-looking and kind, thank you hubby! Father's Day is his day and our chance to spoil him.

From the time our first child was born Father's Day became an institution in our home. I know that celebrating the day is a given but it gives me pleasure to go the extra mile  -- above and beyond. This is how we usually do the Father's Day Weekend.


On the Saturday before Father's Day the children take him out of the house. Be it hiking, to a sports event or even as close as the movies. The best two Saturdays where when they Drove down to King's Park to see the Natal Sharks play the other one was the year they went down by the local river for a picnic and a game of soccer -- it's my daughter's favourite.

Saturday's event gives him a chance to bond with the children but more importantly, it gets him out of the house, which gives me an entire day to put finishing touches onto the next day's events. I arrange lunch, make sure all the gifts have been bought -- I even attempt to influence the weather from time to time.


On Sunday we have a full breakfast and watch about an hour of the kids' favourite childhood cartoons. There's always a lot a lot of story telling during the morning: birth stories, firsts, you name it. The around noon we drive about and hour out to take his father lunch then drive back home to have our lunch. We always seal the day with a good book and wine in the veranda just us two or with a lazy late afternoon nap on our Sealy bed.


I believe in meaningful gifts that the recipient will not only love but use. He knows that when I ask what he wants for our anniversary, his birthday, Father's day this year I'm not being diplomatic. I have to confess that my favourite gifts are the one he said "whatever you get me will be perfect"  and I surprised him by getting it just right.

How do you celebrate Father's Day in your home?

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