Feeling blah? Get going again with these tips.

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It's that time of year. It's been too long since the mid-year break but despite the festive season being 'just round the corner' it does not feel that way. You are not sure you will make it. In fact, you know you won't. You need a PLAN fast.

energy levels 2014 copySo here it is... the 2014 Survival Plan.

Banish the blah with this Easy-Kabeezee To-Do list:

1. Get your bloods done - check your iron levels and get your vitamin B levels done while you are at it. This will rule out vitamin B12 deficiency which is very common and can lead to anemia. Both conditions are easily treated by supplementation. If you want to skip the blood work, you can take 'preventative' measures and get a round of Vitamin B shots at your local pharmacy and buy some iron pills. Unfortunately, though, treating anemia takes time and can be tricky. Plus you need to take the pills for at least 6 months to build up your iron stores.

2. Drink more water. Poor concentration and fatigue can be symptoms of dehydration. Make it easy on yourself by adding chunks of fresh fruit to your water jug (think orange, strawberries or lemons) to give the water a hint of flavour without the sugar which could cause you to hit a sugar low an hour later.

3. Use coffee wisely. Stick to 1-2 cuppas per day and try not to take in any caffeine after 2pm. It takes at least 6 hours for the body to expel it from your bloodstream which means your afternoon slump + cappucino = trouble falling asleep.

4. Add a smoothie as a snack. Smoothies are back in fashion thanks to the raw food movement and paleo diet that is currently trending. However, they are leaner and meaner than they were in the norties without a trace of ice-cream, yogurt or fruit juice. And, if you're spoilt, you won't even have to manage the chewy bits either. There are some great juicers available that give you all the super-nutrients without the pulp.

For more energy add this Spinach Strawberry concoction to your day:

  1. One cup of cool green tea
  2. One cup of strawberries
  3. Handful of spinach
  4. Add 1 TBS raw cocoa or maca

You may have to hold your nose, but drink, drink, drink!

5. Breathe deeply. When we feel tired and stressed we often start taking short, shallow breaths using our collar bones to draw out our lungs rather than allowing our diaphragm to lift and do the job it is designed to do. Five deep breaths is all it takes to send your blood oxygen levels soaring. More oxygen, more life, more energy. Do when you get back from lunch every hour, on the hour and you'll get more done.


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