Feeling the Burn like it’s the ‘80s

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A gym company, yes those guys, has recently launched a campaign call “Retro Aerobics” this is one of the images on the campaign, so very FAME-esque


While I’m not sure if they actually offer aerobics classes, the campaign has had me thinking. The number one drawback of being a ‘90s baby is that I never had a chance to put on my leotard, leggings and leg warmers, all at the same time – the need to do it, even if it’s only once, was awakened by Beyonce’s 2008 hit Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it) video. Just without the heels, with less hair and definitely with leggings on.


A combination of factors has prevented me from signing up to join the class for even a month, one being my current broke career-student ways, another being my fear of being in public in a leotard as well as my parents’ refusal to fund my social life because of my career-student ways (apparently I never follow through). Little do they know that I use my birthday present (a Zumba DVD) every other morning.

My fear of being in a leotard in public is real though, so maybe my parents are doing the right thing in not funding a suicide mission I’ll probably chicken out of. Part of me wanted to scour the internet and DVD shops for Jane Fonda workouts, most of me had a better idea, which involves current popular music, an aerobics outfit and Zumba moves.

So without my Zumba DVD I have had to prep my iPod for the coming aerobics takeover.The planned playlist for the workouts as it currently stands includes:

  1. Rihanna& Calvin Harris – We Found Love
  2. Chris Brown & Benny Benassi – Beautiful People
  3. Britney Spears – I wanna go
  4. 4.    The Graeme Watkins Project – Blood Shot Eyes
  5. 5.    Beyoncé – Who Run the World (Girls)
  6. 6.    LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem
  7. 7.    Beyoncé – Get me Bodied
  8. 8.    Flash Republic – In the Name of Dance
  9. 9.    LMFAO – Sexy and I Know it

10. Rihanna – Only Girl

I found a great pair of school bus yellow leggings at a thrift store on Long Street, I’m still looking for a leotard – they are surprisingly really hard to track down.

Retro aerobics will be bringing the gym to my living room as I prepare for summer.


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