How to fight Social Jetlag

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In our blog ‘Could you die from Social Jetlag’ we unpacked how social jetlag causes negative health outcomes such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. If you know that your sleep is out of sync then here are some strategies that you should consider:

  1. Catch up sleep over weekends - >> >> Sleeping-in on weekends is one way that you can assist your body to repair itself. Sleep-in and take afternoon naps so long as it does not ruin your night time sleep.
  2. Re-think work hours – Is it possible for you to work later in the day after a good night’s sleep rather than rushing to work at 7am to get there half-asleep? If you can negotiate your work hours with your supervisor then do it. It will be a win-win scenario for both employer and employee.
  3. Increase light exposure during daylight hours - Those who work indoors in low-light settings, with no access to natural light (from a window or skylight) take 45 minutes longer to fall asleep at night. Educate your workplace and up the light to help sync your sleep.
  4. Decrease light exposure after dark (especially blue wave light) – If it is dark outside then you need to avoid blue light that tricks your brain into thinking it is still daytime. You need one hour of low light prior to bedtime to give your brain a chance to help you feel sleepy.
  5. Re-sync biology and light - night owls are encouraged to set an alarm every morning around sunrise and an alarm to go to bed around one hour after sunset to help re-programme their internal clock. 

It sounds like some camping trips may be required to get night owls and other city creatures back in sync with nature and the world’s work hours.

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