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We all love a little positive feedback... a high five, word of encouragement, or tangible score that shows we are making progress. For some seeing their own progress is secondary to being able to share their progress with their friends and family fueling a little positive competition.

If seeing is believing than here are some fitness apps that promise graphs, stats and plenty of motivation to help you reach your goal whether it be on your feet, bike or in the pool. Wanting to drop a dress size or drop 10 minutes off your marathon time? These Apps may be exactly what you have been looking for.

Best Overall Fitness App - Men's Health Fitness App

Wanting to get fit? Get your guns out? Get daily workouts and nutrition advice everyday. This is a beautiful holistic health app.

Similiarly, here's the ladies version - Women's Health Fitness App.

Best for Running - Nike Running App

Not only do you know how far, fast and at what altitude you have been running, but you also get to band together with other users to form running clubs where despite not being able to run together you can race against each other and keep track of your mate's mileage!

Best for Cycling - Strava App

This app keeps a close record of your times, distances and split intervals. It also allows you to follow your friends and share your fitness selfies AKA 'Healthies'.

Best for Swimming - Speedo Fit App

Make every swim count towards your ultimate swim fitness goal. Great for seeing at a glance where you are and how you are fairing in the pool.

Is there any Fitness App you can't live without? We would love to hear your reviews.

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