Food For Concentration And Focus

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Exam time, the scramble to finish final year on a high note and the general stresses of this time of year have been threatening to get me down for awhile now, but I'm pleased to report that I am still managing to exercise, eat right and stay on top of this tidal wave. You may have noticed the general theme of this week's posts -- food and how it can help your body -- and I thought I'd contribute to the conversation with a few tips about food that keeps the brain focused and working at its best.

The most important food for concentration and focus is sleep. It's a lesson I learnt from my mother coming into the room late at night while I was studying and insisting that I get into my Sealy bed because my brain would be much more grateful for the shut-eye that it would be for the last minute information it wasn't even taking in. It became a very key part to my focus during exams, school presentations and long days; I recommend it.

1. Breakfast:

My mother taught me well. It didn't matter how much of a hurry or mood we were in, breakfast was a non-negotiable. The best breakfast has to be high in whole-grains, high in fibre and contain a lot of fruits and dairy. Breakfast isn't just the most important meal of the day, it's also the key to concentration and focus.

2. Caffeine

It's debatable how much this magic stuff can actually help with focus but I have found that it's gives me energy to to carry on with the task at hand and just soldier on. Caffeine is found in chocolate (this what The Late Bloomer had to say about the goodness of the stuff,) coffee and energy drinks. I'm not one for energy drinks but when I am studying or working on project I always have a pot of coffee close by as it keeps me alert. Again, I must thank my mother because she made sure that I never thought of coffee after 6PM and as such my bedtime and sleeping routines remain unaffected by my life with caffeine.

3. Omega 3 Fatty acids

That is the food of brain champions! Found mostly in fish and nuts, omega 3 fatty acids directly help increase brain activity and helps it function correctly. Eat Omega 3-rich foods if not for focus then for lower dementia and stroke risks later in life.

Other foods:

- Spinach (iron)

- Cranberries (antioxidants)

- Peppers (green, red, yellow

- Olive oil (for the omega 3)

Here's to better concentration! I hope you have the best weekend possible.

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