Food! Taste of Cape Town

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That should be: good food, good wine and good company but all I really care about is the food aspect. Today is the first day of the Taste of Cape Two, which will run from today until Sunday the 22nd of April 2012. I haven't been to the festival in two years and luckily I am flying down to Cape Town on Saturday morning, which means good food!

Taste of Cape Town, which is billed as "The Mother City's culinary event of the year " never disappoints. It is a great date event, excellent family event and yes, you can even fly solo. There is way too much food to sample, way too many other self-proclaimed foodies to meet for you to be worried about having to bring your own company.

I'll be going on the last day of the festival, I figured the organisers would probably save the best for last. Maybe on that very last day of the festival ticket holders will be allowed o roam all the presentations and eat a bit of everything from every stall, free of charge! A girl can dream right?

But knowing just how unlikely that is, I have set aside a small CROWN (festival currency with each CROWN worth R5.00 and most dishes costing between four to eight CROWNS.) budget to keep me in check. This section of their website contains a lot of helpful and vital visitor information with things like times and parking information.

With over eight of the best chefs from the best Cape Town restaurants taking part in the festival I do believe that this Sunday will keep me in the gym doing cardio and befriending the kettle bells for the next foreseeable future, but what the hey!

So what if the Sonwflake Pancake feature becomes the death of me? A three-course pancake meals sounds like an activity for the bucket lists. I will not go into detail about the beverages.

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