Food & Tips to Ward Off Unhealthy Cravings

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Greek yoghurt and berries ice lolly

As women we constantly have cravings, if you can honestly tell me that you don't then congratulations! You're one of the few lucky ones. My cravings go as back as my early teens when I first go my menstrual period. I had a small iron problem so I would routinely crave the taste of soil and when my grandmother caught me she told me to never do it again and to have an apple instead. It would take some doing to convince myself that when these cravings hit I was craving apples or another fruit alternative instead of soil.

This is why I decided to pen this post and include within it some tricks that have helped me deal with my many cravings over the years.


During my dark period of dieting (mid-20s to early 30s) I developed this surprisingly helpful habit: if it's not mealtime, wait. Waiting is a great trick to check whether your body really needs what it says it wants; so you feel like you need to have a peanut butter sandwich? Wait 10 minutes -- while keeping busy-- and see if you still need it after the time has lapsed.

Another useful tactic is the fact that I do not eat after 20h30 -- under no circumstances -- because if I do I feel sluggish and have a problem sleeping. If you get a craving after your eating time,boo for the craving then!

What healthy alternatives can you eat instead of the unhealthy food you crave?

1. Something sweet: As I discussed here, dark chocolate is your friend. If you have a bit of a craving for sweets then break off a piece and enjoy. Always do it in moderation so you can enjoy the sweetness while giving your body antioxidants. Also try some fruits like strawberries to make up for the sweet cravings.

2. Something salty: You all know that I love my avo! So when I crave something salty instead of opening a bag of chips or pretzels I enjoy avo slices witha bit of salt or pepper. Nuts and popcorn are healthier alternatives to chips.

3. Ice-cream:  A lot of women love their ice-cream! Low fat yoghurt with fresh fruit and sprinkled with some nuts or dark chocolate shavings maybe what you need. I was never really one for ice cream but I do enjoy a plain yoghurt and fruits smoothie every now and then.

4. My greasy food guilty pleasure has always been slab chips (french fries) but now I enjoy oven baked potatoes and sweet potatoes as  much as I did the unhealthy deep-fried alternative.

What do you crave often? Have you found a good alternative to it? Please share with us in the comments section.


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