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It totally does, this little guy is so cute!

This week I wrote my last exam for the year – not counting the supplementary exams I’m hoping I won’t need to take – but that business administration and accounting paper really pulled a smack-down on me, so I’m not very sure that that Fashion History paper was the last I will be sitting down for in 2011, but a girl can hope right? The most random thing happened, when I finished writing that FH paper I went to the library – bless those beautiful Macs – to check my private email. I still don’t understand why the college and most institutions of learning insist on assigning email addresses, which they don’t have the brainpower or desire to maintain, to students. Even when you’ve told the IT dude that your student email doesn’t work they continue to send stuff to it, not any old stuff, nope; life altering stuff.

After a whole month of brutal revisions, studying and writing all my exams guess what I found in my revived student email address?A “How- to make the best of your study time” guide in the lines of this Wikihow article Well, I for one, as a person who spent every year of high school up at 3am studying because that’s what everybody did, feel that whoever wrote the guide didn’t emphasise sleep time enough. Nowhere in that guide did they say that when you can’t study any longer go to sleep. They didn’t permit us to nap when the theory of business administration has you in a trance of sleepiness. They didn’t even say it is okay for me to respond when I hear mySealy Posturepedic calling.

I’m glad I didn’t get that guide because when I started at fashion school I decided against my old ways of studying ‘til I couldn’t study any longer. My bed and I have been in a year-round steady relationship for the past two years and I plan to keep it that way.

So as a future reference I have decided to ignore all future study tips from the school’s newsletter committee, after all I know this body better that anyone else.

With my exams done with, I can quote films again! Uptown Girls is still a favourite:

Ray: Freestyle is for moronic little kids or hippie freaks.

Molly: It’s fun.

Ray: Fundamentals are the building blocks of fun.

(It has me torn, I am a bit of a hippie freak but I also believe in fundamentals.)



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