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This coming Sunday is Mother's Day, which means my brothers, sister in-law and I have been having covet meeting after Sunday dinner at my mother's house for the last six weeks. We've been working on getting her a fitting gift because this year marks the 40th anniversary of her motherhood. My older brother turned 40 in February and insisted that it's not as much of a big deal for him as it is for our mother.

When thinking of gifts to get her a holiday was the first thing to be ruled out; my mother is one of those people who love their family to unimaginable heights. So any give that included me time on important days is the opposite of a gift. With all things considered it was clear that the only fitting present is a party -- with a cake and all our family members. We've put all the final touches for the day. My sister in-law even came up with the genius idea of us all sleeping over at home (my parent's house) the Saturday before Mother's Day.

If you, however, are still at a loss about what to get your mother I've put together a few creative and fun gifts because a big price tag does not a great gift make.

1. Photo Album

When I first heard about 250Gram I thought of the albums my dad and I made when I was in high school f memories and events. He was the resident photographer and I enjoyed looking through his film creations. 250Gram prints instagram photos, which you can turn into an album. Between my brothers and I we have hundreds of photographs of my growing niece and family events on our instagram accounts.

2. Breakfast in Bed

Except, the bed is the main gift. Buy your mother a new Sealy bed. I think very few things say "I love you, and want you to relax" than a new bed and bedding do. Of course, in our family my mother's the sleep guru and she's the one who's likely to get US new beds.

3. Mixtape

I got my first mixtape when I was 13 -- it was from my father. My first "boyfriend" had just been mean to me so I broke up with him. It was called Songs to Listen to When You're Sad and both sides were filled with great re-affirming songs. Since tapes are hard to find you can buy your mother a portable digital music player and fill it with her favourite songs.

3. A Love Letter

Rarely known fact: mothers are convinced that their children don't listen to them and offspring perpetuate this lie. Write your mother a letter of gratitude, about the lessons she's taught you and how much you value and love her. This post made my mother really happy last year.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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