Freaky Friday

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This is one of the many movies I love.  It's also at the top of my LiLo favourites. I'm certain a few of you have seen it, but if you haven't here's the plot: basically a bickering mother and daughter go to a pre-wedding dinner at a Chinese place. The owner's grandmother, who's all about understanding one another, gives them a fortune that leads to them switching bodies for one Friday. Seeing as today is Friday the 13th I have been wondering whether I would like to switch bodies and perspectives and if so who with.

On most occasions the one person I want to switch perspectives with is my mother. She's one of my favourite people on this planet. I would switch with her to learn more about her. Where she gets the strength to be who she is and do all that she does for her family and friends. Sometimes I hope to switch with her so I can up my allowance, living on a student budget is no joke. I also feel like I would gain a lot of heart and conviction in myself and in my womanhood. My mum is my rock.

When I was younger I would have picked my sister just so she would get to experience my life and just how hard I had it. She and I weren't close growing up. The nine-year gap and my view that she had it all and was my dad's favourite and all sorts of pretty didn't help. I would have switched with her just so I could prove that the crowned princess would not survive a day in my life. Yes, when I was younger I had a "nobody knows what it's like being me" complex. Now we're in a better place with our relationship.

I love the women in my life, which is why the only time I would be willing to have Freaky Friday moment would be to understand them and their journey better.

Cheers to the weekend!











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