Free exercise routines for you to do in the comfort of your home

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One of the biggest sleep aids is getting enough exercise. Exercise combats anxiety, joint and muscle pain, obesity and insomnia - some of the biggest and most common sleep thieves.

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If you prefer exercising in the comfort and privacy of your own home then these free and accessible exercise routines may be exactly what you need to squeeze a little exercise into your day. Here's to better sleep because of it.

BeFit Transform - Features all exercise forms in punchy videos. It is very helpfully labelled from beginner to expert so that you can find your just-right challenge or look to intensify yourworkout.

Eva Redpath - The most energetic Canadian who can fit an entire workout into 5 minutes. A Nike athlete she produces Fit With Eva videos for all to follow. Great for busy folk who want to tone up and get on with their life.

Running Wild - Designed to help runners improve their strength and flexibility, this online video series keeps running interesting and is sure to help prevent injuries and improve your running form.

POPSugar fitness - Fun and feminine workouts that feature tons of celebrity fitness gurus. Click here to find their 10 top 30-minute workout videos of all time.

Kayla Itsines - Australian fitness phenomenon who promises the average Betty a bikini body if they can follow a gradual, but tough exercise programme. Many men have struggled to complete her interval training. These workouts are for those with a strong baseline fitness.


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