FWD: The Better Sleep Council to Recommend, “Stop Sleeping Around”

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When The Corporate Climber forwarded me a link with a winking emoticon — her mum is a BSC ninja — I was taken aback thinking "hey! The Council doesn't know me like that." I soon found out that the subject of the email didn't quite reflect its contents, well anyway not in the way you're thinking. Read on and let me explain.

The subhead of the article is "Will promote a better relationship with your mattress." That's where they had me, you know how we The Morning After Ladies are with our beds...

The Better Sleep Council's message is really simple "stop sleeping around" so that you and your mattress will have time to bond, which will equal the best sleep of your life. I think I am qualified to write about this because as much as I value good sleeping habits and do my best to maintain a healthy sleep life, out of all the women I am the one who has the most unstable relationship with my bed because of my traveling and general liking of things.

"In our manic, overworked, overstressed, sleep-deprived world people aren't spending enough time with their mattresses, which means they are falling asleep somewhere else." Those are the words of Karin Mahoney, who is the director of communications over at the BSC. She went on to add that "If you're cheating on your mattress you're cheating yourself out of a better life."

I could hear the TMA chorus of yeses.

My mattress understands though, because when it is impossible for us to be together, I always do my best to find the best suitable stand-in mattress. Try to do your bit to help those people who are unwittingly cheating themselves out of a better life. Sure it's cute seeing your brother or friend passed out on the couch in front of the TV but please, wake them up. Get them to their bed and they will thank you in the morning. Wake that colleague who is passed  in the canteen and maybe suggest they go to bed early tonight.


Before you wake them up you can snap a quick picture or short video and send it in to the BSC during May (which so happens to be better sleep month) and stand a chance to win some great prizes. Visit their website, twitter and facebook pages during May to see all the "Stop Sleeping Around" testimonials.

Sleep well, live well.

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