Gaga hits South Africa

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Today as write this I am a jealous Pop Princess. I had to watch from the sidelines as my Jo'burg friends tweeted, updated and shared their preparations to see Mother Monster Gaga, their experience at a packed Soccer City then the after effects of dancing all night. Then a couple days later I had to endure the same, only it was closer to home. I promise you I'm convinced I could hear the 64, 100 strong Monsters raise their claws in unison all the way from my bed.

Gaga was not only the youngest act to ever play at Soccer City but she was also the first woman and only pop star, so far.

The Little Monsters weren't the only ones tweeting, updating and sharing about the Born This Way Ball experience -- from the moment she was close to landing at Lanseria Lady Gaga tweeted about a giraffe she saw. I have to go to the zoo to see those!


Am I sad I missed one of the most iconic women in pop history? Yes, I'm heartbroken. While people were talking about how sore their feet were from dancing the night away at the ball I was heartsore for missing it. Am I sorry it happened? Not in the least. She liked our little corner of Africa and is likely to return, when she does I'll be ready! Rainbow wig, monster claw and my dancing shoes on kind of ready.

She opened the door for other pop music artists and women in music  to venture this way.

Cheers to the weekend and all those of us Born This Way!

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