Gearing up For Lunch

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Call me crazy but I believe that when one has the key equipment to complete a task half the job is done. I also believe that having the right equipment (preferably in candy stripes, whatever colours are on trend and maybe designer) one's confidence in one's ability to do the task at hand is boosted. This is why each school year, along with replacement uniforms -- socks and shirts don't hold too well these days -- I always get new lunch boxes for the kids.

I might do this for my own happiness (because I like to have beautiful things around me) most of the time but all the time I keep in mind what my children like. In her nine years of school I have never at anytime had the inclination to buy my daughter a Barbie anything because pretty as it would be she'd never use it.

These are the important things I take into consideration when choosing lunchboxes:

1. Capacity

The lunchbox I choose has to be practical in that it's roomy enough to hold more than a two-slice sandwich. If it has divided sections, then it's even better.

2. Durability

The lunch box I buy must last at least three terms of the school year otherwise it's a waste. I also need to know that it's good quality, dishwasher safe and will not hold on to odours. Nothing off-putting like a container that always smells like a tuna sandwich; even when it's holding a P&J.

3. Pretty factor

If the lunchbox can capture my child's current aesthetic state of mind or what they're currently obsessed with then even better. It also needs to be easy to keep clean and look that pretty.

4. The Cooler

Over the years I've gotten into the the habit of investing in cooler bags because they keep the food and snacks (fruit, yoghurt) cool and unspoiled.

What's on your lunchbox-buying checklist?

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