Get Good Sleep While Travelling

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Being in a career that requires a lot of travel, which means being in foreign places and away from loved ones and everything that's native to me has taught me a lot about myself and life. It's taught me patience and that I'm great company. When you're the only person who speaks your language in a foreign  village it's not long before you realise whether or not you like the person you are. But above all else, travel has taught me that I need to be kind to body in order for it to serve well. Oh, an eye mask is your best friend when travelling long distance.

Jet lag, which is brought on by the traveller's body clock and destination's clock not being in synch is the number problem that we Jetsetters face and is signalled by tiredness, insomnia and irritability.

Most sleep experts argue that this condition is mostly in the traveller's head, which is why I recommend changing your clock's time to that of your destination at least 24 hours prior to departing. Keep your arrival time in mind while travelling. If you land in the morning the get as much sleep on the aircraft as possible; if your land in the  then keep sleep to a minimum.

When you do finally land at your destination it's important to keep as close to your usual routine at home (sleeping and waking at more or less the same time) and sleeping the exact amount of hours. This way, your sleep-wake cycle and body clock stay sharp and intact. Don't let yourself e lured by the holiday haze of "you can stay up late and wake up late." It never ends well.

All it takes to get good sleep while travelling is planning and remembering that your body will always take care of you if you take good care of it first.

Sleep tight on your next travels.


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