Getting Rid of All The “Stuff”

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Excess comes almost second nature to human beings. It always starts innocent enough"wow, these shoes are so comfortable maybe I should get them in a red pair." And before you know it you own the same pair of shoes in three shades. We all do it. It's the result of falling over while trying to walk the line between the need for security (food, clothes etc) and materialism.

The question then becomes, how does one get rid of all the extra stuff. How do you make sure that you don't buy more than you need. How does one get rid of the mess and de-clutter your home, mental space and life?

1. Recognise than you have more than you need:

When there isn't any longer any room in your wardrobe for most of your clothes, when food goes off in your cupboards or in the fridge. When your bank accounts looks exhausted from all the impromptu monthly shopping trips it's time to recognise that you have problem.

2. Ask yourself why.

If you buy excessively, especially to the point where it affects your finances you need to deal with the problem on all levels. If you slap a quick fix band aid of "I'll take a break for a few months" you'll fall off the wagon again down the line. Ask yourself what it is you need that you think you can only find in things -- many of them. Remember: keeping up with the Mkhizes is not a affair race because you only see what they allow you to see.

3. Apply the 30-day rule

Look in your wardrobe, your beauty supplies cupboard, your office and pack up anything and everything you haven't used in 30 days. Donate the items, have a garage sale or organise a wardrobe swap with friends; if you choose the swap make it so you give more than you take back into your life as the goal is to trim the excess. I hear that it's unheard of to have one's friends "shop" one's "closet."

4. Inventory 

Each time you think of going to the shops check your supplies. If the weather is getting chilly check your scarf and socks drawer. Before you go to buy new hair accessories, check your vanity bag to see what you have in there.

5. Get out of your comfort zone

Instead of letting food spoil in the cupboard, try a new recipe, throw a dinner party. Wear an ensemble of clothes you've never worn. Use that lip colour that was all the rage two seasons ago, which you never got around to wearing but have kept ever since.

6. Stop trying to be trendy.

Only you know what you truly need.

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