Getting some Zzzzz, banning the Mozzies

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Sleeping under the stars; watching a beautiful sunrise; saluting the sunset drink in hand; rocking in a hammock watching the palm leaves overhead....All these beautiful Summer holiday scenarios are easily spoiled by a few blood-hungry mosquitoes. Unfortunately, hiding out indoors often offers little relief. Mosquitoes seem able to find you wherever you go. And even more so if where you go is a warm place close to a water source... think the coast, rivers, dams and lagoons. And unfortunately, this covers most of our local holiday destinations.

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So here is what to pack and what to avoid to ensure that your holiday sleep is not sabotaged by the dreadful drone and awful itch that mosquitoes bring.

1. Mosquito net - undeniably the best mozzie protection strategy world-wide. Unfortunately, it is not such a practical one in terms of setting this up in a distant location. However, explore your options. Mozzie nets are a win as you can keep the windows open, forego the smelly insect repellents and enhance the hotel room romance. Be sure to get a mozzie net big enough to cover the whole bed as being in your own mozzie net tent may prove a little lonely.

2. Mosquito Plug-in Insect Repellent - There are many brands available and many swear to their effectiveness. Reportedly safe for humans and animals and only off putting to unwanted mosquitoes. Some plugs smell worse than others so shop around. Afraid of the toxic fumes? Than burning a citronella candle may be more up your ally. And its another step towards improving ambiance!

3. High frequency ultrasound - Available as a portable unit or as an easy-to-download app for androids, ultrasound is said to drive mosquitoes away without being detected by the human ear. Unfortunately, this theory has been annihilated by scientists all over the world. Don't waste your precious time.

4. Anti-mosquito laser - The latest breakthrough that is said to attract mosquitoes and leave other insects unharmed. Its effectiveness has not been tested by the scientific community as yet but there are some strong claims being made. How easily accessible is this laser? It hasn't hit the shelves just yet, but it is available online.

5. Moving air - Mosquitoes hate moving air so if you can manage with the windows closed, then a fan or an air conditioner  may help you have an uninterrupted night's sleep. Prior to departure, check with your hotel, BnB or lodge that they have these available for your comfort.

6. Limburger Cheese - In 2006, Bart Knols, a Dutch Scientist, won the Ig Nobel Prize for showing that mosquitoes are equally attracted to smelly feet as to Limburger cheese. So, if you are really up for it, create a little diversion by leaving out a nibble. No cheese? A pregnant woman is known to attract twice the mozzies of a non-pregnant woman. Do what you must this holiday to beat the buzz!

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