Geeking out and sleeping in

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I could be find is such spaces in my school days, doing work or making lists.

First of all most of the people who know me would be shocked to know that I am writing this in my comfy, soul-warming bed. Because 1) it's a public holiday and 2) I spend public holidays doing risk analysis and complaining to legal about the wording of a contract that felt like "the makings of a loophole" to me. For the past few months I have been reading newspapers in bed on the weekend, going for a quick run or even making myself a decadent Sunday brunch. These are changes I needed to make in my life.

There's no question that I love doing what I do, but sometime last year I was at a point where I worked like an addict on a binge. Working without stopping until I finished, working overtime and weekends to a point of a near breakdown — that's just an example — I'm lucky that my mother stopped me before I worked myself into exhaustion. This is how I work hard but still love my job.


I keep a two diaries one in my bag and one on my phone, my assistant has one too just to make sure that my back is covered; that I am where I am supposed to be doing what I'm supposed to be doing  — even if it's just lunch with my mother. That makes three diaries in total.


My team and I have briefings every afternoon at the end of each week, we look at what we set out to do with the week and how much of it was achieved. If we've had a project on our plates for months even though we'd initially given it weeks we have to ask the hard questions. Why has the project dragged on for so long? Is it still worth the time? Have we done our best up to this point? And finally, are we the right team for the job?

Sometimes we need to let go.


I love statistics and figures and graphs and charts... This is me geeking out. But sometimes there are more pressing matters than feeding my geek monster and I am still learning that it is often okay to delegate. The trick is surrounding yourself with competent people who go the extra mile and share your vision.

So today I write in bed, might do 30 minutes of yoga before I go to a family lunch, but when I come back I will take about two hours to do some work. No more working-holidays for me, well almost.

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  1. you are such a hard worker.

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