Getting used to the good stuff

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I had never thought  about what kind of a princess or general royal I would make because, well the chances of me being a distant relative of a Maharajah were very slim. My father might have disagreed because he always insisted we were royals (only in his heart.) But I know now what kind of royal I would be, the kind that relishes being spoilt and pampered.

It's amazing how fast and easily things change, you find pleasure in the smallest things that never used to move you very much and I must admit that I feel more grateful as the days go.

For instance, coffee used to be something for which I routinely sent my assistant out  -- corporate South Africa has made a lot of strides for the better, but coffee is not one of them. It was something I made myself at home during those working  weekends. But now it's become a symbol of consideration. Nothing says "I was thinking about you" quite like a piping hot coffee just the way you take it, from the object of your affections.

I'm also a grown woman, which makes trying to have a relationship very interesting, especially considering the last time I tried to do this I was a lot younger and lot more frivolous. Speaking of frivolity, organising dinner or a movie night or a nightcap with the person you're seeing is not to be taken likely. For two weeks we had been trying to find an evening (or weekend afternoon) to -- as my brother would say -- "hang out". It was a mission, but the fact that he understands the demands of my life and work is refreshing. His life certainly is not without demands of their own.

We didn't manage to set up a time because on the weekend I was free he had visitation down in PE with his 10-year-old. I was surprised when he showed up with a "picnic" that Sunday evening. A sorry picnic it was, with only a blanket but meal he whipped up from the scraps that were in my fridge (mostly veggies, iced tea and opened wine)  was amazing.

My mother is the one who has taken no time in getting used to my new relationship, pleased with herself that her latest match-up has worked. Though the matchmaker was actually my big brother.

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