Getting your sleep on during pregnancy

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Pregnancy is supposed to be a time of great anticipation and excitement. And mostly it is, but what takes most new moms by surprise is the amount of discomfort that goes along with growing a little person. From stretching ligaments to aching backs; from needing to pee five times a night to savage leg cramps that come out of the dark.

Perhaps pregnancy is actually designed to disrupt your sleep, like a kind of boot camp to toughen you up for the sleep deprivation you may experience once your baby arrives? It seems like a cruel joke to me, so if you are set on getting as much zzzzzzz while you can here are some awesome discoveries.

1. Get them minerals in- selenium, calcium, magnesium, potassium... all these minerals help to maintain bone and teeth health as well as get you to sleep faster. What's more they reduce the chance of muscle cramps and twitches. You can get them in by taking a pregnancy supplement (like PregOmega) or drinking a more palatable shake (I love Ensure) or eating super foods (such as bananas, milk and nuts).

PregOmega copyensure-powder-homemade-vanilla-powder copy

2. Cuddle up to a preggie cushion - this gigantic, snake like pillow supports your head, belly and back. It keeps your knees apart to take the pressure off your lower back. Also known as The Greatest Love Affair of your pregnancy the idea is to enjoy some spooning. Lie on your side and hug this clever creature. You can be the big spoon (it wraps around your front) or you can be the little spoon (it wraps around your back). Either way most of the gravity-induced aches and pains should at least be reduced. The biggest challenge? Changing sides during the night and coping with the heat in the Summer months. snake pillow copy


3. Get treatment - if back, or hip, or pelvic pain is keeping you up at night then go and see a healthcare provider. A Physiotherapist or Chiropractor that specialises in seeing preggy ladies should be able to give you some immediate relief plus an exercise plan that can help strengthen your body as your pregnancy progresses.

So in summary here is your sleep survival kit for pregnancy: minerals + preggie pillow + expert advice!

Have any pregnancy sleep tips? Please do share!




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