Giethoorn – Must see locations around the world!

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Feel like adding some locations to your bucket list? The Sealy blog features one superb and unheard of location each month to help inspire you.

The location: Giethoorn - a small village in the north of Holland.


The why: Unlike any other village you have ever visited, there are no roads and no motor vehicles to be found anywhere within this village. The streets are made of water! Perfect for the traveler who loves the quaint and quiet things of rural life.


Where to stay: There is a selection of hotels and B&Bs to be found on their very helpful website.

The thing to do in Giethoorn: Discover the waterways! Hire a quiet electric boat and traverse the 90km of canals or jump into a large inflatable ball and choose between walking on water or bobbing along. Wander into one of the many restaurants and eateries found along the canals when hunger strikes.

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