Global Handwashing Day

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I have had over 10 years working with, living with and taking care of children. In that time I've learnt that they are brilliant, funny, wonderful and amazing people; I've also learnt that they pick things up and eat them. That hand-washing isn't at the top of their priorities. Even if one child's hands are clean s/he will not hesitate to receive food or toys from another child whose hands aren't so clean.

Today is Global Handwashing Day, as every 15th of October has been for the last five years. This day was put into being as a device to encourage and create awareness about handwashing with soap as the primary step to prevent most diseases and infections. It started as an initiative for children in school, that is after all the best stage of life to build good habits.

When To wash Hands

1. Before you start, during and after preparing food. This means even if you're making a small snack.

2. Before eating.

3. Before and after caring for somebody who is ill. This way you don't transfer any germs you might come across onto them and it prevents you spreading their germs.

4. After blowing our nose, coughing or sneezing. I know that a lot of us encourage children to cover their noses and mouths when they do any of these; it's just as important for them to wash their hands to prevent the spread of any flu/cold germs.

5. After touching animals or animal litter.

6. After changing a baby's nappy or using the bathroom.

7. After touching garbage.

8. After handling pet food or treats.

Hand-washing helps prevent the spread of bacteria and can prevent illnesses like colds and influenza.

Take a bar of anti-bacterial soap and teach children the value of washing their hands. Donate soap and towels to your local school today.


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