Going cold turkey … beating sleeplessness.

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The foods we eat have a huge impact on our sleep. For a full list of foods that act as sleep promoters check out this Sealy blog from 2013.

This week we feature the meat of choice for getting to sleep quicker - turkey. Turkey is one of the top ten foods for getting to sleep as it contains Tryptophan - one of the main ingredients that is needed to make the big wig sleep hormone melatonin.


Picture courtesy The Kitchn

Plus, as turkey is most often eaten with a carb like potatoes or bread, it also leaves you with that post-meal-full-belly sleepiness.

For most, the chore of roasting a turkey is enough to put us off, especially considering that the end result could be a mountain of dry and bland meat... and so we put off getting our hands dirty until VERY special occasions such as Christmas.

But do not fear... we have found a fool-proof method to get the best out of your bird and keep the turkey flowing for a few sleep-enhancing dinners.

The team at The Kitchn uses this recipe to cook their bird. It's well illustrated and easy to understand as well as to do so why not give it a go.

Once you have your hands on freshly roasted turkey meat, here are some alternative serving suggestions to ensure you get your regular dose of Turkey in your diet:

  • A crispy Turkey Wrap served with basil, mozarella cheese, cherry tomatoes and chilli sauce.
  • An open Turkey Sandwich think thick butter, iceberg lettuce and cranberry jelly (cranberries are also great sleep-makers).
  • A creamy Turkey Lasagna with thyme, tomato paste and red wine sauce topped with a cheddar cheese sauce.

Got any other good ideas or family secrets? We'd love you to share!


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