Good sleep habits on the road

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Holidays set us free from work and household chores and the hum drum of daily routine. Good bye alarm clock, good bye traffic and good bye to do list. This makes holidays awesome... the only snag is that after a few days of hello eating whatever I like and sleeping whenever I like you may start to feel far from your usual self..... and not in a good way.

Holidays can wreak havoc with good sleep hygiene. You may find yourself sleeping in a strange bed, eating restaurant meals and fitting in with your hotel's entertainment schedule. However, after a few days of kicking loose and enjoying no limits, you will probably be ready to run back into the arms of your 'boring' lifestyle.

The basic building blocks of sleeping well are simple so try to remember these while on the road.

 1. Go as dark as you can- close the blinds, draw the curtains and switch off as many lights as possible. You may not have control over the light that streams into your window or under your door so pack an eye mask to ensure you get quality shut eye. This also comes in handy if your fellow holiday makers are not as keen on your early bed time.

2. Block out noise - While you are at it, throw in a pair of ear plugs or Ipod. To sleep peacefully, you need peace. Guarantee yourself this pleasure by playing white noise while you sleep or using noise-cancelling headphones. You won't regret the investment.

3. Maintain a healthy balance - Try to factor in some exercise in your daily routine. Playing on the beach, surfing, site seeing, hiking or taking a walk to explore your holiday destination are a great way of getting ready for a good night's sleep. When possible, prepare fresh snacks or make up meals made from market produce (think berries, bananas, whole grains, eggs and lean protein which promote sleep) rather than grabbing another take-away or eating out again.

Remember this is your hard earned holiday and good sleep will set you up to enjoy every moment. Good sleep means more patience to handle family squabbles, more stable moods to deal with schedule negotiations and less chance of misplacing important items due to poor short-term memory.

For more information see The Ideal Sleeping Environment

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