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At my house we say words of gratitude before every meal, in the morning and in the evening.  This is our (hubby and I) way of teaching the kids that the world doesn't owe you anything and that we must always be grateful for what we have. It's sometimes hard with teens in whose eyes everything "sucks" and everyone is so "lame", but not even the teen angst will change the lovely loving people I have raised. This post is nothing special, just a compilation of things I'm grateful for.


I am really grateful to my family and friends and all the many people who have welcomed me into their lives. I love looking at hubby, looking away and then feel him looking back. I love the way all my children hugged my waist, on a really good day they do that all at once. I'm grateful the girls' weekend my daughter and I spent last year in bed eating ice cream, playing scrabble and watching the rain. Nothing gives me the warm and fuzzies like my mother saying my full name in that stern tone. I love love.

Me Time

Every morning there's a time when I'm the only person awake in the house; I am either having my morning tea, reading a book or checking my lists. I know that the people I love are an hour away, an hour to the madness. That's my favourite time of day.

Good Health

Above all things I have in my life I am most grateful of my good health and that of my family, nothing matters if you don't have a strong body and heart to enjoy it all. Good health doesn't just happen by itself, it takes some effort on your part. I think I have done my best as a mother and wife to get my children (and hubby) on that path. Everyone in the family has a sport they do at least three times a week; it's easier for the kids because my daughter dances for about two hours a day, my oldest is on three sporting teams and Young Mister is still at that stage where play still involves running and climbing and falling.  Hubby and I golf together, I walk the furry babies and he does gym. We try to have as balanced a diet as possible.


What are you grateful for friends?

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