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If you are finding your Instagram and Twitter account dull and dusty then perhaps you need to browse a new avenue. Why not engage with some of the world's best blogs for men and get inspired by FREE and GREAT content?

Blogs were once seen as the equivalent of reading somebody else's diary entries and understandably, a lot of men folk were put off by all the feelings. However, there has been a surge of great, manly blogs that detail everything from how to make your bed in 30 seconds to how to build a cafe racer in your kitchen. There are many passionate, handy guys out there who are happy to share there discoveries and many more hungry to read the advice.

South Africa's blogging community has begun to take off, but there is still definitely a GREAT need for more contributors. Here is a list of some local is lekker blogs that come highly recommended...

1. KPMG SA - Voted Best Business blog, this blog will appeal to the man looking to become versed in finance and wanting to take control of his $$$. Their motto is 'cutting through complexity' so it's probably a great place to start if you want to improve your financial literacy.

2. Urban Homestead South Africa - For the real super-heroes looking to save the planet one organic veggie at a time. This blog deals with real-life gardening, harvesting and cooking without being too intense or controversial.

3. The Techie Guy - Voted Best Science & Technology blog for three years running, this blog helps those interested in gadgets and makes sense of all things digital. From choosing the best phone to dealing with cyber-bullying this is a blog to read.

4. Neal and Pray - Neal Collins is an avid sports fan and is not scared to share his view points on his blog. As a columnist for The New Age, Neal rubs shoulders, texts and tweets with some famous sports stars and personalities.

5. Travelstart's Travel Blog - The place to go when planning to get away. The content on this blog is diverse as well as relevant. Featuring both local and international content, this blog is sure to get you dusting off the old passport and exploring some new corners of the globe.


What are you reading at the moment? We'd love to know where you go to get your info.

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