Great Sleep as you age

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These guys have the right idea

My mother taught me everything I know, as regular readers would know that she’s the catalyst of my mostly good sleeping habits, she is also my very own personal cupid and best friend. She and I always talk about health and often those discussions always lead to talk about sleep and often to my great discomfort (sex). Today we’re only going to discuss the former.

Let me first start of by saying that my mother is some sort of bionic creature of woman that does a lot of things that even I  (young as I am) have a hard time doing. She eats healthier than vegan hippies and works out like she is my age – I’m my age but I don’t exercise like she does.

This contains the number one thing I have observed from my mother and is dedicated to those who are around her age and like to have quality sleep.

Sleep duration is everything

My mother, from around the time I left home for university, committed to sleeping 7.5 to 8 hours each night. Anything beyond eight hours is beyond her – as a result of her age and hormone change. Where people of a ripe age (that's a good one) are concerned the more consecutive hours they are in bed do not necessarily guarantee a good night's sleep, chances are that if your mother/father is in bed for around nine hours they spend two and half hours of that time counting ceiling panels or making plans for the day ahead.

Mother gets up at 6 am every morning and any good sleep guru will tell you that the key to great sleep is having a regular wake-up time. At around 07h30 she goes for a walk around the neighbourhood and at midday she goes to the community center for a yoga class (she has recently taken up some form of martial arts); while I on the other hand am lucky if I can get 30 minutes on a treadmill. She has an hour-long nap in the late afternoon ad it starts again.

As she always says to me "the key is to stay active, my love. Keep your bones, lungs and heart strong."

I have no excuse to not get good sleep when I reach that age, there's been a great example set for me.


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