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I was never really part of a time -- one, which all parents reference when their offspring seem to have their cell phones glued to their hands -- where a cell phone was just for making phone calls. In high school, university and even my first few years in the working world I never actually needed a cell phone for work. But I still bought one with my first wage at my first university job and spent all my airtime SMS-in my girlfriends about school work and boys. The height of cellular technology was the nokia 9000, which I planned to buy when I got my first promotion at my dream job. I never did buy it. Today I've penned a round up of the latest Smartphones for you corporate climbers.

I used to be a firm Blackberry cheerleader but after the relationship turned turmoilous and was characterised by disappointment I decided to sever all ties and move on. The relationship had gotten redundant for me. But I will always recommend it to Corporate Climbers who are still at the star of their careers for its affordable BIS (side eyes MTN) and integrated feel. Without further delay, these are my Smartphone recommendations to you Corporate Climbers:

1. RIM

Though RIM currently has the new Z10 as its calling card I will refrain from recommending something new for the sake of it. Instead I want you to consider the Blackberry Bold 9900.


- 3G connection

- HD Video recording,

- Full QWERTY keyboard (for those of you who don't like touch screen)

- Six hours talk battery life.

With your BIS and 10 email accounts you are  sure to stay connected -- until your battery dies, of course.

2. IOS

Apple phones have been the go-to in the last couple of years and it's not hard to see why. The current talk of the Smartphone town is the 5th generation iPhone.


- 8-megapixel camera

- Operating system IOS 6

- 16GB of internal storage (no memory card slot)

- It's just so fast and sleek and they have the best covers.

3. Android

Android phones have waged war against ios for market share and are not doing too bad. In the Android group I really like the Samsung Galaxy SIII


- 8-megapixel camera

- Android 4.1 operating system

- 16GB of internal storage (and an SD memory card slot)

- 4G


There you have it, a round up of my favourite Smartphones. Which is your favourite? Do you currently use it or is it on your wish list?








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