Had my mother written me an open letter about life

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For the longest time my mother was the only woman I knew and trusted. She is my hero and everything I know and love about  womanhood I learned (and am still learning from her.) From knowing her, loving her and sometimes being infuriated by her I have learnt lessons about womanhood and parenthood. This is the  open love letter and guide to life that my mother  has written to me -- without realising it.*

Dear S

As a child you used to ask me why I let you eat your ice cream before your dinner but I am still surprised that even to this day you are yet to ask me about why I forced you to go to bed early and let you sleep in on the weekend and holidays. I suppose you are your mother's daughter and you value your sleep more than you value most things.

You know that a long nap on your Sealy bed (if you are sleeping on anything else then let me admit now that I have considered disowning you at least once) can do wonders for your mood and creativity. Creativity was always your papa's field, not mine.

I hope that you now realise -- by observing my energy and health of course -- that all those afternoons and many  more we spent feeling the burn when you were a child has done your wise ma a world of good. I do hope that you frequently push our heart to the limit, both in the gym -- or tennis court-- and in the love department.

My darling nunna, I know that I may often say and act otherwise, always marry for love. Love loving and being loved, love is what remains after all the nonsense walks out of the room. Never walk out of the room, unless you have murder on your mind. Other than that stay and talk it out. But if it can't be helped don't be shy to marry a fellow you love that just happens to have money.

Go dancing. Think about all the times you had will your papa, do it as often as you need to. Phone your brothers and speak as if they are still down the hall or in the back room. Find somebody that makes you laugh (and if they are single don't be afraid to get married.) I know I don't have to tell you to phone me, do I?

Don't spend more than one evening at the office per week.

Love your ma.


What lesson have you learned from your mum?

Happy Mother's Day Week! And I hope you have an even better Mother's Day on Sunday.

*All the lessons (and often complaints) from my mother smashed together to look like a letter.












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