Hair Politricks

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I was born what I believed for the longest time to be a "dirty" brown brunette. My hair had a slight and adorable curl to it but from the time I was allowed to chose what I wore and how my was styled I've worn it straight. I've also been all shades of blond, a redhead, raven black and purple for an entire term in high school.

My daughter also has the exact hair I was born with. She's kept it as such and seems to really enjoy the colour and curl of it. Having been the one who combed and brushed it from the time she had enough to bush I love it! I wonder why I couldn't seem the rich chocolate  brown of the tone when I had it.

One thing being a mother (especially to a daughter) has taught me is that unconditional love comes easier to me than self-love did. I want my children to know that regardless of how they style their hair, what they become in life I'll still love them -- provided they are good people that is. Who am I kidding? I'd love them even if they turned out to be bad I just hope they don't. And whether they accept or reject their natural hair colour does not determine whether or not they are good people.

Months ago, when I found my second grey hair, I was really scared and my immediate reaction was to run away from it and colour my hair once more. But I ended up not going in to the salon for my monthly colour touch up for three months in favour of seeing how much more grey hair was hiding under all the processing and colouring.

It's been a struggle: for the past four years I've enjoyed my 40s with the knowledge that I'm maturing in this life but the first grey hair sent the panic buttons a-ringing! Suddenly I wasn't a mature and (maybe) wise woman in the prime of her life; I was getting old.

Nearly a year after the initial discovery, I found my third grey hair with a different reaction.  I embrace all three of my  grey hairs because nearly 45 years of life are not a joke and they don't deserve shame or panic.

What are your current or lifetime hair challenges? Please share in the comments.

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