Happy Cuddle Up Day!

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Let's celebrate SLEEP! Or cuddling up under the covers! Today is international Cuddle Up Day!

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The history of Cuddle Up Day is unknown but this day is very popular in the northern hemisphere where temperatures this time of year have plummeted to an all time low. Despite our sticky South African summer conditions, the Sealy team urge you to give at least ten minutes to this cause.

What you need to do when going to bed in SA:

  1. Turn on fan or air-conditioning.
  2. Make sure you are under your thinnest, most breezy sheet.
  3. Spend 10 minutes enjoying a good cuddle - grab whatever you can find (pet, person, book or soft toy) and enjoy some feel good, health benefiting chemicals.
  4. In extreme circumstances use a water spray bottle to reduce body temperature.

What could be better to celebrate than sleep? Let's hear from you.


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